Saturday, January 07, 2006

Holy shit! This is the best site I have ever visited. I googled racist jokes and this site came up with this description-
Support, and the people who bring it to you this holiday season! Find out what you can do to make a difference and show your support....

I want everyone to make a difference and read the jokes on this site. Don't cream your pants when you see the little KKK guy at the top of the homepage because it gets better- There's a "nice white family" you can click on to find out how to send donations because Racist Mike is awaiting sentencing at the county jail and Racist Rob is out of work, money's a little tight eh? Oh the beautiful irony. Here's a few family favorites:

Why do niggers always have sex on their mind?
Because they have pubes on their head

What does FUBU stand for?
Farmers Used to Beat Us

Why don't nigger bitchs wear panties to picnics?
To keep the flies away from the chicken!

If you have a soul you will visit this website


Anonymous tommy said...

Jesus, Katie, a white supremacy site for jokes? What's next, snuff films for jacking off? Ah, just kidding, I've been contributing to for years and years.

The fag jokes are old and lame. But the hispanic jokes? There's a few gems:

Why aren't there any spics on Star Trek?

They won't work in the future either!

And there's my new absolute favorite joke of all time:

What do you call a spic with a rubber toe?


10:44 AM  
Blogger Tommie Shefsky said...

I really thought the Asian jokes were lame too. Seriously though, you have to click on the nice white family and read the bio/ beg for money thing

11:31 AM  
Anonymous tommy said...

did you play the eddie murphy game? it's the funniest thing i've ever seen.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous tommy said...

okay, i read the donation thing. i wonder what racist mike is in jail for. he probably raped his little brother. did you click on the illustrious list of donors?

12:41 PM  
Anonymous steph said...

Be careful Katie, or anonymous will look online in order to diagnose you with a disorder. Nevermind that annoying DSM that's actually accredited. He doesn't understand that the internet is only good for porn, and as you just displayed, AWESOME racist jokes. But maybe I'm just biased because I'm not seeking and online degree.

Remind me to give you the punchline the next time I see you (it requires an action):
Q: Why do black people walk with a limp?

Oh, the suspense!

10:08 AM  
Blogger Tommie Shefsky said...

you whore

10:52 PM  

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